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A science-backed guide for navigating and thriving through uncertainty—based on interviews and insights from world-renowned leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives.

Whether you're searching for courage to start a new project, change careers, launch a business, develop an idea, or reinvent yourself after a disappointment or life change, you will face uncertainty—that ambiguous and uncomfortable state that often makes us feel confused, anxious, and afraid to act. Though these moments are difficult, they offer opportunities for personal growth, innovation, and creativity.

In The Upside of Uncertainty, INSEAD professor Nathan Furr and entrepreneur Susannah Harmon Furr provide a sweeping guide to embracing uncertainty and transforming it into a force for good. Drawing from hundreds of interviews, along with pioneering research in psychology, innovation, and behavioral economics, Nathan and Susannah provide dozens of tools—including mental models, techniques, and reflections—for seeing the upside of uncertainty, developing a vision for what to do next, and opening ourselves up to new possibilities.

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, uncertainty is on the rise. We face it every day. But few of us have been taught the techniques to navigate it well. The Upside of Uncertainty provides the inspiration, tools, and strategies you need to thrive through the inevitable plot twists in your life and career.


"THE UPSIDE OF UNCERTAINTY by Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr is a unique, powerful combination of science, philosophy, logic, history, psychology, and everything poetic, thoughtful and human unified with storytelling. Complex ideas are summarized succinctly, clearly, and memorably so that my newly educated self can more thoughtfully and effectively work, love, and live. This book is the one to bring to that proverbial desert island once you've handled the basic necessities of life. With it, I can move mountains, dream bigger, and live a happier, more productive life."

Facing uncertainty takes courage, wisdom, and dedication. We use a shimmering red cross as a beacon that anchors the four stages of Uncertainty Possibility. 

Each phase has several tools and the idea is for you to use what resonates with you. Through both text descriptions and recorded sessions, we share how they help individuals find transilience.






"The two-hour gift that got me out of a funk...I cannot wait for session 2. I'd sign up and pay for more sessions immediately."

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