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Uncertainty Possibility is the exciting variety of possibility that we usher into being only when we face situations that are distressingly unknown, ambiguous, complicated, seemingly doomed to ruin us or, in other words, suck.The bigger (read, the more anxiety-producing) the uncertainty, the trickier it is to face, and the more "first aid" tools required.  Some people seem to handle uncertainty better than others and while this may be true, Uncertainty Possibility tools can be learned and practiced. 


We have run two workshop sessions this past year and loved the community that joined us! We are offering our first Speedy version (a 4 hour tour of all four arms of the First Aid for Uncertainty Red Cross). Drawing on stories, personal application and breakout sessions, the workshop will help you navigate the uncertainty you already face and increase your possibility quotient (the likelihood you will find and engage new possibility.)

What's cool is that since our book won't be published until summer 2022, our publisher (Harvard Business Review Press) has agreed that we include a pdf version of the draft of the book with each workshop NOW! Each sign up for the workshop also comes with a "pre-order" of our current pdf draft, and a digital copy of the real book when it is published...

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Saturday January 15, 2022

Live Zoom Workshop

3:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Central European Time)

Tools, examples, applications

PDF copy of book now + ebook at launch


(descriptions below...we will spend roughly one hour per each arm of UP first aid)

We have talked with many individuals who are uncommonly gifted at navigating uncertainty (entrepreneurs, managers,  educators, artists) but we also draw on our own wrestle with uncertainty in education and careers, in parenting four spirited kids, in our marriage of 25 years, in our daily experience as foreigners, and as marchers to different drums.

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Reframe is all about finding and maintaining a possibility mindset. This stage is like a compass or North star guiding your Uncertainty Possibility journey. UP Tools include reverse insurance, frontiers, adjacent possible, infinite game, regret minimization, self doubt and philosophy. We will discuss and practice two to three tools with breakout sessions.


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Prime is about setting up a great foundation for your individual Uncertainty Possibility project. It's how you plan and prepare for what will be needed, creating a well-stocked backpack of sorts. The UP Tools at this stage include know your risks, personal real options, uncertainty balancers, Dumbo feathers and quest destroyers, runways & landing strips, bricolage, and "sur mesure"... We will discuss and practice two to three tools.


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Do comes third because if you REFRAME and PRIME first your efforts will be so much more authentic, enduring, and powerful.  Even still, we'll encourage you to do stuff differently than you might expect. Like a train taking leave from the platform, the UP Tools for this stage include activate & unlock, winners don't take all, values vs goals, cognitive flexibility, learning through fog, 10,000 shots, incrementalism, and pivot.  We will discuss and practice two to three tools.


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Sustain is mentioned here last but it's definitely not the least. It might be the most important stage, as you wrestle your way along an uncertain path. For this stage of the UP journey we think of the Paris motto and image fluctuat nec mergitur "Tossed but does not sink," to remind us that we must sustain ourselves with comforts that both ground and nourish us to keep us afloat. UP Tools for this stage are grouped under three categories: 1 part emotional hygiene, 1 part reality check, and 1 part magic.  

Contact us if you are interested but cannot pay for this course.  UP is for everyone.