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We are grateful to all the thoughtful and inspired podcasters and writers who have joined us in conversation about the upside of uncertainty.

Heartwarming reviews that have thrilled us:

Podcast Appearances

— LinkedIn's In the Arena with Leah Smart

What is uncertainty really about?

How can we better equip ourselves?

— Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton

Practices on finding opportunities and cultivating calm in your life.

— Brilliant Thoughts with Tristan Ahumada

Uncertainty is uncomfortable but there is actually beauty in that.

— HBR IdeaCast with Curt Nikisch

A conversation about facing one of our biggest fears and what lies beyond.

— Second City Works

"For better or for worse, human beings are wired to fear uncertainty."

— The Unlock Moment

What if uncertainty was transformed into a wellspring of new ideas?

— The mindbodygreen Podcast

"Confidence means you follow the true essence of who you are."


Can uncertainty be a blessing in disguise? How can we be creative?

— Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

How to lean into uncertainty to make something better and more interesting.


— Forbes

"If we can tolerate uncertainty, we can develop an uncertainty ability."

— LinkedIn News

Breaking down the four principles to help you navigate uncertainty.

— Alliance Magazine

How to deal with the climate of uncertainty & mistakes along the way.

— Forbes

The Upside is the featured pick for the Book Club response.

— Porchlight Books

"We are still moving. We are figuring this out. Possibilities are coming." 

— Nathan Furr at INSEAD Knowledge

"Beyond resilience, 'transilience' is a radical shift in the face of disruption."


What is uncertainty really about?

How can we better equip ourselves?

— Psychology Today

How the book highlights mindset and is "a roadmap from panic to possibility."


"Have the patience to take small steps and change direction if necessary."

— Irish Times

"Every brilliant insight, act, and innovation comes after uncertainty."

— The Capital Spectator

Uncertainty in life is, ironically, certain. The pandemic has been no exception.

— Susannah and Nathan at Thrive Global 

"Be sure you aren’t following someone else’s star home." 

— Financial Times

The FT covers why you should read The Upside of Uncertainty.

— Bloomberg

How to go back into the job search process you thought was over.

— Forbes

"When goals are internal, they are more akin to values."

— Forbes

Five proactive waves to deal with uncertainty at work.

— mindbodygreen

An overview of the four steps to prepare for uncertainty

— Susannah and Nathan at SUCCESS 

"So, challenge your roles, the rules, even the games you are playing."